Module 3:

Advanced Regression Training*

May 12- 21, 2021

What happens post sessions with our clients?

They have discovered the lighthouse, now they need to learn what skills they have or need to develop in order to row.

What additional  methodologies do you, as a therapist have, for clients who loop back to old patterns and need to create a structure to keep climbing towards the light?
​Integration and Synthesis are important.. Deepening their ability to trust their connect within is essential.

This training in Advanced Regression Therapy  focuses on deepening your  base in your own individual skills as a Therapist.
You will learn new techniques  and deepen your own Individual methods and style.

Some of the techniques and methods used:


  • Discover together with your client how to create alternative pathways for fear triggered routes from Anxieties, Fears and Phobias
  • Develop Flexible shielding for yourself
  • Guide your client to develop flexible shielding for themselves
  • Working with Empath clients – how to teach them to care and not carry?
  • Guiding the wild horse of anxiety.
  • Interacting with and Activating the Psyche: meandering in the Mind…
  • Kything
  • Methods to help clients discover how to deepen their ability to view objectively in mundane reality.


  •  Dancing with Depression- how to leave the closed room and find the corridors forward
  • Shadow Work
  • Soul Retrieval


  •  Shifting Sleep Disorders:
  • Active Dreaming as a tool.
  • Healing  while you Sleep.
  •  Becoming Allies with Insomnia
  • Working with nightmares
  • Dream Theatre
  •  Dreaming  forward with Soul Retrieval- Becoming Whole
  • Dreaming Re-entry
  • NVC Basics in  linguistic communication
  • Basics in Energetic communication the message beneath the words
  • Dialoging with Clients, the language off communicating
  • Capture and reframe

Next Steps



When you’ve got to row to the lighthouse how do you build your own boat to get there?

Combining Active dreaming Techniques with Guided relaxation and Regression,
Learning about travelling in the mind, meandering in memory trolling for wisdom

Once our clients see the lighthouse how do we help them  understand the steps of how to get there

This interactive training focuses on personal development for your own being as well as deepening your own skills as a Therapist combining Active dreaming and Hypnosis.

Limited Participants- as this is more of an Apprenticeship.
Please inquiry as to how to apply.

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