Our Offered Trainings divided into four Modules

Module One and Two are a specialized two-part course that provide the training and experience for those wishing to specialize in Transpersonal, Parts Therapy and Gestalt along with other intervention methods to be able to also work with age, womb and Past life Regression therapy. Upon completion of; both modules, required practice, course work and completing the certification requirements, you will receive Hypnotherapy Certification and Past Life Regression Certification as well as be eligible for membership with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Essential Healing workshop for personal development is a pre-requisite for Modules One and Two. Our groups are small and selective and we like to know about each student in order to support you in the best way for your growth as a therapist. And, as there is a fair amount of personal development on our training, Connecting with your higher self both helps you gain insight and focus for your training and helps us learn more about how to support you in the process of your becoming a therapist.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Module 1

Instructors: Allison Lee Axinn, MA ,  CHt & Paul Aurand MHt

Some of the things you will learn:

• Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

• The Mind Model

• Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious Minds

• Hypnotic Inductions

• Anatomy of an Induction

• Personalizing Inductions

• Deepening Techniques

• Emerging

• Tone and Pacing

• Suggestibility Exercises

• Formulation and Delivery of Suggestions

• Self Hypnosis

• Cautions and Contraindications

• Tools of the Trade

• Effective Intake and Pre-talk

• Active Listening and Counseling Skills

• Open Ended Questions

• Client Centered Approach

• Gestalt Techniques

• Confidentiality

• Formulation of a Session

• Interactive Hypnotherapy

•Integrating a session

• Parts Therapy

• Becoming the Objective Observer

• Facilitating a Parts Session

• Essential Steps in Parts Therapy

• Eight Fundamental Parts

• Self Assessment and Integration

Past Life and Regression Therapy 

Module 2

Instructors:  Allison Lee Axinn MA,  CHt & Paul Aurand MHt

Focuses on:

• Speicalized Regression Inductions

• Specialized Deepeners

• Age and Childhood Memories

• Womb/In-utero Regression

• Past Lives

• Open Ended Regressions

• Deepening Anchors

• Protective Suggestions

• Expanding Consciousness

• Connecting with the Soul

• Effective Intake and Pre Talk

• Establishing Positive Expectations

• Establising the Intention of the Regression

• How Memories Come

• Trusting Memories

• Moving Through Time

• Affect Bridge

• Exploring the Initial Sensitizing Event

• Subsequent Sensitizing Events

• Developing Non Leading Questions

• Handling the Unexpected

• Conscious Interference

• Healing Interventions

• Inner Child Work

• Exploring Life’s Purpose

• Soul Lessons

• Conducting Life Review

• Contracts, Promises and Agreements

• Past Life Imprints

• Release, Forgiveness, Integration Techniques

• Guide Work

• Gestalt in Trance

• Future Pacing

• Session Summary/Debrief

• Preparing for LBL Hypnotherapy

Upon Completion of Modules One & Two, along with  completing your certification requirements you will be eligible for membership in the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists. 
This course meets the 200 hour training requirement  to apply for  The Michael Newton Institute Life Between Life Training. 
Modules Three and Four are also recommended for providing a more varied background and possibility of working with more tools. 

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