In order to submit certification case studies the student must have attended both Modules 1 & 2.
Certification process requires 6 to 9 months post completion of Module Two with  mentoring to  discuss each case study in depth via zoom or on a supervised weekend.                                          

Module One – Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Requirements:

1) Submit three written case studies, and one recorded Session

2) Write and submit your own induction script

3) Read Three hypnotherapy books of your choice from the list below

Module Two – PLR Requirements: 

1) Submit Three written Case Studies and One recorded Session

2) Write and submit your own Induction script

3) Read 3 books from the list below


Advanced/Clinical/Psychological Hypnotherapy Requirements:

1) Submit Three written and One recorded session where you are following a specialisation focus

2) Write and submit your own induction script

3) Mentored review and discussions of special case studies

For Advanced Certification  Therapists can submit their case studies during a supervised weekend when they review their sessions with volunteers with the mentor.


Additional requirements specifically for Italian certification:

The following are required in addition to supervision and practice sessions that take place during training courses 

1)Three to Five personal development sessions as client

2)Write your own Self Hypnosis Script for Personal Development and Record it.

3)Write up your progressive self-development as a Case Study ( i.e. what type of sessions you have had with what you are

working on for personal development, what are your intentions and issues and what you plan to work on going forward)

4) Attend a Transformation Game or Two Supervised weekends,

Attend a Specialization Training – Can be an Outside Training

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: Reading List

Hypnosis for Change – A great self-hypnosis book – By Josie Hadley

The Art of Hypnotherapy – Parts Therapy – By Roy Hunter

The Art of Hypnosis- By Roy Hunter

Inner Conflict Resolution- Introducing Parts Therapy

Become the Dream- The Transforming Power of Hypnotic dreamwork- Randall Churchill

Homecoming – Inner Child Work – By John Bradshaw

Alchemical Hypnotherapy – Parts Therapy – By David Quigley

​Teaching You to Heal Yourself – Healing Imagery – By Gerald Epstein

Creative Healing – Healing Imagery (more Spiritual) – By Michael Samuels

Healing with the Mindʼs Eye – Healing Imagery (more Spiritual) – By Michael Samuels

Getting the Love You Want – Imago Therapy – Reflective Listening – By Harville Hendrix

​Client Centered Therapy – Counseling skills – By Carl Rogers

Memories of the Afterlife – Life Between Lives – By Michael Newton & Paul Aurand

You Can Heal Your Life – Healing affirmations – By Louise Hay

Waking the Tiger:Healing Trauma:The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences –

By Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick

On Death and Dying – By Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

​Dreaming your Soul Back Home – By Robert Moss

​My Voice will Go with you – By Milton Erikson

Healing in Hypnosis- Milton Erikson

Ormond Mcgill- Hypnotism and Mysticism of India

John Overdurf and Julie Siverthorn- Training Trances

​Lost Connections – By Johann Hari

​Chasing the Scream – By Johann Hari

​Belonging Here – By Judith Blackstone

​It didn’t Start With You – By Mark Wolynn

​In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Gabor Mate

Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1: Theoretical Principles, Jacquelyne Morison
Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2: Practical Applications, Jacquelyne Morison

Hypnotherapy- Freddy Jacquin


Audio Recordings

Barrie Konicov ‐ Stress and Anxiety Relief
Barrie Konikov ‐ Talents and Abilities from Past Life
Gil Boyne ‐ Hypnotherapist Programming
Ormond McGill ‐ Violet Flame ‐ White Brotherhood of Tibet

Past Life Regression: Reading List

Life  Patterns – Soul Lessons & Forgiveness – By Henry Leo Bolduc

The Journey Within – Past Life Regressions & Channeling – By Henry Leo Bolduc free online 

Self Hypnosis – Creating your Own Destiny – By Henry Leo Bolduc free online

Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life between Lives – By Michael Newton

Many Lives, Many Masters – Past Life Therapy – By Brian Weiss

Teaching You to Heal Yourself – Healing Imagery – By Gerald Epstein

Creative Healing – Healing Imagery (more Spiritual) – By Michael Samuels

Healing with the Mindʼs Eye – Healing Imagery (more Spiritual) – By Michael Samuels

Other Lives, Other Selves – Past Life Discovery – By Roger J. Woolger

Exploring Reincarnation – Evidence of Past Life Experiences – By Hans TenDam

Children’s Past Lives – Past Life Memories – By Carol Bowman

Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals Volume I Past Life Therapy – By Winafred Blake Lucas

Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals Volume II Special Instances of Altered State Work – By  Winafred Blake Lucas

Reincarnation as a Source of Healing: Voices from Other Lives – By Thorwald Dethlefsen

Healing the Eternal Soul – By Andy Tomlinson

Regression Therapy – By Randal Churchill

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Reading List

Weight Loss – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques – By Paul Aurand

Smoking Cessation – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques – By Paul Aurand

The Body Wisdom Process – Awakening the Healer Within – By Paul Aurand

Counseling Skills (2 CDs) – By Paul Aurand

All of Paul Aurand’s Manulals are available on www.holistichealingcenter.com

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster – By Peggy Huddelston

Clinical Hypnosis in Pain Therapy and Palliative Care – By Maria Paula Brugnol

Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis Second Edition – By Lynn, Rhue, Kirsch

Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children, Lynda Hudson