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Perhaps you’ve heard of the story of a child who questions his tribe’s folklore of the internal struggle between the good wolf and the bad wolf by asking an Elder “How do we know which wolf will win?”  The Elder replies “It depends which one you feed”.

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Renaissance for your Mind, Body and Spirit

From a carefully designed support framework nestled between the mountains and the sea in Tuscany we provide mentored healing retreats for those who feel:

challenged by life,

that you have reached a point where you want to change direction and learn to step fully into a new way of living,

you know you are suffering,

wish to gain clarity and begin healing around confusing or painful issues,

which to change behaviours and recurring patterns of behaviour,

wish to move past addiction,

you are engaged in an unyielding battle

you are searching for inspiration and hope.

for therapists and beings who wish to expand their consciousness.



Every retreat is unique based on the special vibration of each individual. With a schedule that adapts to participants needs accordingly. So each daily plan will vary accordingly as each soul creates the group energy.


Every retreat will include five participants who apply and are selected to be able to interact with one another.
They will share a house with individual bedrooms with  a cook, masseuse and night time therapist.

There will be five therapists with varying backgrounds- all with qualifications as regression therapists as well as their own specialized techniques.
Therapists mentor one individual participant though they will share sessions together with all the therapists and the therapists themselves will meet each night to debrief and exchange information so as to adapt the next days schedule of sessions according to the progression of the participant…

An awareness of growing towards the closure of the time period will be included so it is not simply a transformative time that recedes once the participant returns home but a base building shifting reinforced by post retreat zoom dialogues with their mentors, group discussions with fellow participants additional therapy if required, and meeting again in six months time to reinforce the learning and synthesize transformation.

Change will be nurtured through:

• The Transformation game

• Trans-personal Hypnotherapy

• Massages

• Reiki

• Past life Regression

• Group Dialogues for Self-growth

• Music and Sound mediations

• Walking in the mountains, forests and at the sea

• Active Dreaming

• Learning about reframing your point of view

• Preparing your Next Steps

Personal Mentoring Therapists will work with each individual post retreat for a period of one year.



Once you discover the light house you still need to row there:

Continued support is important:


The time frame:

Personal Mentoring Therapists will work with each individual post retreat for a period of one year


Two weeks of immersion in Turning Point


Followed by a six month break during which time you and your mentor/s will maintain contact

Followed by a further Two weeks of immersion


* Time frames can adapt accordingly teach individual’s needs.

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