Turning Point
Residential Intensive
Healing Retreat

Next Dates :

March 21- April 2, 2021 

May 24- 7 June, 2021

September 11-21, 2021

Perhaps you’ve heard of the story of a child who questions his tribe’s folklore of the internal struggle between the good wolf and the bad wolf by asking an Elder “How do we know which wolf will win?”  The Elder replies “It depends which one you feed”.

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Do             you           feel:

challenged by life,

know you are suffering,

wish to gain clarity

want to change behaviours and recurring patterns of behaviour,

feel you are engaged in an unyielding battle


wish to gain hope and inspiration because

are ready to create a Turning Point to change your life.


Change will be nurtured through:

• The Transformation game

• Trans-personal Hypnotherapy

•  Learning about Non Violent Communication

• Learning about energetic communication

• Reiki and Massages

• Past life Regression

• Life Between Life Regression Therapy

• Reframing Perspective

• Music and Sound mediations

• Walking in the mountains, forests and at the sea

• Active Dreaming

• Soul Retrieval

• Working with your shadow

• Astrotherapy

• Medicine Wheel and Fire Ceremonies

• Preparing your Next Steps

Once you discover the light house you still need to row there:

Continued support is important:

This program includes:

Personal Mentorship Support  Between Turning Points Part 1 & 2


The time frame:

Two weeks of immersion in Turning Point Part 1

Followed by a six month break during which time you and your mentor/s will maintain contact

Followed by a further Two weeks of immersion Turning Point Part 2

Personal Mentoring Therapists will work with each individual post retreat for a period of one year



* Time frames can adapt accordingly teach individual’s needs.

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